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Ceramic practice based around the investigation into the relationship between colour and materiality in clay and glaze. Looking at the interaction between colour, shape, light and surface, to produce work that both manipulates the viewers perception of an object, surface or colour and allows an individual to want to explore what they perceive.

Colour is one of main driving aspects of my work, its ability to be carried on and in material and interact with form, allows for the investigation into the way and why visual form is so impacted by colour and materiality.  

Glaze Research

The possibilities of glaze are endless, infinite combinations allow for on-going research into generation and development of glaze. With my main practice being the investigation into the relationship between colour and materiality, the research into 'The potential of glaze' works in parallel. The ambiguous nature of glaze, allows it to used has a material to explore so many possibilities, artistic, functional and industrial. Aspects including the ability to: create micro + macro crystalline surfaces - fire to a range of visual surfaces, from matt, to satin, to gloss, dry, crater, smooth - create fields of saturated colour - respond to light in a variety of ways, give glaze the potential to create a visual and emotive relationship like no other material. Its resulting ability to create fields of colour, and the interplay of light and shadow, shown through notions of depth of field, allow for the topic of the 'aesthetics of glaze' to be explored. Where research can be focused on the exploration a material for material qualities, the aesthetics of glaze describe ideas about how glaze can be used for its materiality - rather than as a material for finishing ceramics.   

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