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Jan-March '18

Composition and colour as an experience, exploring visual satisfaction and the 'aesthetical' response to small scale sculpture. Investigating the relationship between visual design and aesthetic experiment, where enjoyment can come from perception of a piece. 

Studying the aesthetics of visual design where subtleties in composition can have impact perceived spatial and colour energy. 


Using plaster based techniques, plaster lathing & mould making, to create to ceramic slip cast objects to investigate how shape, pattern, colour and spatial relationship have an effect on the way that we view-perceive-relate to compositional sculptures. 


Throughout this project notions of colour theory, start to explore how colour can have such a huge impact in the way in which we respond to objects. Warm - cold contrasts, colour energy and the constant play between light and shadow all have an impact in some degree to our own and different emphatic interpretation of visual artwork and objects  


DSC00702 copy_edited.jpg
DSC_8503 copy.jpg
DSC_8501 b.jpg
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