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DEGREE SHOW installation, 'dimensions of glaze' 

June 19'

Manchester School of Art 

Looking at how glaze can interact on different surfaces through wall installation based work. Following on from the previous project of 'dimensions glaze' the degree show project explores glaze on primitive forms - square - rectangle - circle, beginning to investigate glaze on a vertical verses a horizontal and how the aesthetics of glaze can have an impact on the way we visually encounter a surface. Two types of glaze have become the the main focus of the work, crystalline for its ability to flow and react to surface and barium carbonate based glazes for their capability to create a variety of different types of surface. 


Glaze can be as ambiguous as clay, my work seeks to explore how glaze can be used as a material rather than as a medium for finishing ceramics. 'Dimensions of glaze' starts to undertake research into connotations about ceramic glaze, for example looking at crystalline glaze away from the often seen beautiful bulbous forms or how our familiarity to glaze can be challenged.     

Tiles and slabs begin to investigate commercial applications of glaze research. How visual perception of glaze on a tiled surface could affect the way a space or surface could be encountered. 



JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-8.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-6.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-11.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-3.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-5.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-7.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-2.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-10.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-4.jpeg
JPEG image-419BD74BAF17-9.jpeg
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